Original Mocha Me


  • Original Mocha Me Coffee Body Scrub Mocha Me Mocha Me
  • Original Mocha Me Coffee Body Scrub Mocha Me Mocha Me

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  • Who Am I?
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  • I am a coffee body scrub that is built for all times and occasions.

  • Use me on your body.

  • I'm the original Mocha Me scrub. You know, the one that they made with love and passion? Here's what's so great about me; I contain lots of coffee to scrub away your dead skin cells, tighten and tone you up and make your skin smooth and firm! I also have lots of other goodies in me, like Sweet Almond Oil and Ghee. The antioxidants and Vitamin E from the Sweet Almond Oil will make your skin glow, while the Ghee will ensure that you are not left with a single dry patch on your body. Ghee will also give you relief from Eczema and itchy skin.You will have to have your share of Mocha Me at least twice a week to feel my difference. I know you'll love me for who I am...the Original Mocha Me.

  • Women and Men who want to look great for ever and defy age.

  • 200 gms Regular (approximately 4 uses per person)

  • $15.95 for 200 gms

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