Mini Chocolate Mocha Me


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  • Who Am I?
  • How can you use me?
  • Whats more about me?
  • Who should use me?
  • Whats my sizes?
  • How much do I cost?
  • I am a coffee scrub that is built for occasions.

  • Use me on your body.

  • I am the one that is going to take you to heaven and back right from your bathroom. So, why am I a good idea for your skin? Well, I have chocolate and coffee. That makes me amazing. I am decadent on your senses and your skin. I will detox and nourish your skin using my natural vitamins and minerals. The richness from the cacao in me will protect your skin from long and short term damage caused by free radicals in our environment. As tempting as I am, try not to eat me! I really am Bitter and Sweet!

  • Women who want to look great for an occasion.

  • 200 gms (approximately 4 uses per person) and 55 gms (approximately 1 use per person)

  • $16.95 for 200 gms and 9.95 for 55 gms

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